17:  Sometime you have to rely in expression; ”everythings going to be alright”

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29 September, 2011Article: 17Tags: ,

In order to apply to the Stockholm School of Economics, students need to have certain qualifications for example studied certain courses such as a higher level of math. Since my studies at high school didn’t offer that, I had to study that at a municipality adult education. The certificate from the course had to be sent in and registered at the administrative autority that arranges the applications for university. First then, I met the requriements from the school.

The problem was that my letter with the certificate never got to the autority. I got very angry and felt like the smallest person in the world who were arguing with administrative people who sent me from one person to another, no one knowing who to speak with. At the end, everything worked out alright.

Since then I feel unconfortable  leaving important material in someone elses hands. Almost  the same thing happened to me this week, when I was applying to my university in Canada. (Where I am going to be studying at during the fall)

I got into panic and tried to call, email and get in contact with someone who could help me with the issue since my contact person wasn’t answering. I then talked to my father who asked me how everything ended the last time this happened. And my answer was, ”everything went to be alright”. And he just agreed and reasurred me that that would be the case this time aswell. I guess, that sometimes , there is no need to frenetical try to solve the problem, when it actually is not yours. In the end, usually things work out.


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